Why Choose 18k Italian Gold?

As with other jewelry, 18k Italian gold is found in many forms. Some patterns are highly intricate, while others are more bulky and manly. This is both because of differences in taste and in durability requirements. A piece that needs to stand up to some knocking around, like a ring, will necessarily be less detailed than something like a set of earrings.


Many people will say that 24k gold is the "best" because it has the highest gold content. However, pure gold is very malleable, so it's easy to dent or otherwise deform. For this reason, people who intend to wear their pieces regularly often prefer 18k Italian gold jewellery instead. The 18k isn't pure gold, and this makes it more durable. Meanwhile, it retains all of the great looks of its 24k counterpart.


This isn't to say that 18k Italian gold jewellery is all meant to look big and sturdy. In fact, it can be made just as intricately as any other gold. Some pieces, like the earrings found at Paul's Jewellers in Toronto, are done in the form of netting or other fine-diameter shapes. However, even these will deliver years of damage-free wear as long as some care is taken.


One of the best ways to use 18k Italian gold is to pair it with gemstones. For this reason, you can find plenty of options that are covered in diamonds, sapphires, and other gems. Mixtures of multiple gems are also popular.


At other times, a piece of jewelry is more impressive if it is made only of metal. Whether alone or paired with silver, a purely metal piece is always a standout. This is a popular style for wedding rings as well as earrings.

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